overtonOverton is about 50 miles NE of Las Vegas, About 10 miles S of I-15 and the camping area is on top of a Mesa about 5 miles S of town. This is an awesome area if you like wide vistas where you can see for miles and miles



We tried out Overton because friend Mike had recommended it and it turned out even better than we had hoped. I loved the view from the top of the mesa where we got great OTA TV and internet in addition to the great views. There is a panorama view here.


We loved the Lost City Museum (details here) overton3 resize

It holds archological remains from excavations during the 1930s of an Anaszi pueblo. The museum site includes a reconstrucition of the pueblo as well as a Kiva that is open to the public.








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This apppears to be a female Two-Striped Walkingstick - first time I've ever seen a stick insect. I found her one morning sunning on top of my solar panel.