We arrived in Apache junction shortly after picking up our solar panels and controller from the dealer in Pheonix. We found an inexpensive RV park to stay at while we put the package together and tested it out. I also wanted to cheeck out boondocking spots nearby to see what would work for us. We checked out a number of spots east of Pheonix before we came to Oak Flats campground. It .had a great feel and the ony issue was the elevation - about 4000'. We made up our minds and headed out to Oak Flats for our first adventure. During the day it was great - there is a little pond there with tons of birds, a friendly campground host, lots of sunshine so you can toast yourself and neat desert to explore. boondocking4Overnight, however, is a different story. One night it got down to -7C and we were relying on the furnace in the trailer at the time. In the middle of the night the house battery is dead and the fridge starts giving off warning signals. I had to get out and use jumper cables to wire the new high capacity batteries in parallel to the house battery to get us back oline. Clearly running the furnace all night, even with the thermostat at 60 degrees, is not an option. We were able to fully charge our batteries during the day and at this point we still didnt have water in our onboard fresh tank so I wasnt too worried about the cold, just found the onboard furnace took forever to heat up the trailer in the morning and used a whack of battery power to do it. After a few days we decided that it was just a little too chilly for us andd we needed to move on. Tucson looked like a good next step so we headed off to Snyder Hill. One minor point - the hill up to Oak Flat has about 4 miles of 7% grade. We had no prblems with our diesel one ton but a friend in a gasser said he almost didnt make it due to overheating. boondocking.3