We spent a lot of time debating the move into a fulltime lifestyle. Could we actually do this? Would we kill each other if we were forced to live in a 240 sqft trailer for the rest of our lives? Could we afford it, would we even enjoy it? I guess our most positive factor was that we spent a month each year on an extended road trip, at first camping out of the back of a suburban and then out of a small camper van. We both felt that these trips were the highlight of our year and we loved them. Fulltiming would be just like that only longer, right? Then there was the question of budget. We sat down and tried to figure out what we would have to spend every month - items like food, fuel, cellphone, internet, campground fees were obvious. Insurance for the vehicle and trailer, our health - being as we are Canadians traveling in the US for 6 months, clothing, laundry, vehicle maintenance, medications, entertainment, credit card payments, propane, they took a little more thought. We finally came up with a budget of about $2500 a month and combining income from renting our home along with pensions we finally decided that we had enough - we really could do this!! Before taking off we had a lot of prep to do - some repairs and upgrades to the house to facilitate renting, we had to find a trailer and truck at the right price and agree on make and model for each. Then we had to get rid of all the possessions we had accumulated over the last 30 years - a combination of Kijiji, yard sales, second hand book and record stores and friends who liked our stuff. I guess the overall lesson is that your stuff is not worth anything like what you thought it was. And its certainly worth a lot less than you paid for it. Eventually it all started to come together. We found a truck (2007 GMC one ton diesel) had it checked out by friends and then my trusted garage. Our trailer was a fifth wheel, 2011 Cougar model 322QBS. Gives us the room we need, two separate bedrooms (snoring is an issue in our family) and was in great condition. We felt that buying second hand meant that someone else had dealt with any teething issues the trailer had and so far (6 months) that has been true. As far as the truck was concerned we just couldn't afford the $60k a new truck would have cost and we were able to get truck and trailer for under $50K. One other issue was our kitty and we discovered we needed a rabies vaccination and that was about it. I set up a bank account in the US through our home bank (TD bank)and we have found that this worked really well for us. I got a US data provider for internet only to have them taken over by Verizon two weeks after I signed up. Turns out to be a good deal since I get 20GB/month of data for only $90. My WIND cell phone has worked OK in the US - the unlimited US roaming is a plus - but it runs on T-mobile and their coverage was not great in a lot of remote areas we camped. Verizon coverage was much more consistent. Other preparations included buying a cell phone and wi-fi booster online and having them shipped to a pick up point in the US so as to avoid duty - same with our solar panels and controller. Of course we declared them on the way back into Canada but got our duty free allowance. Also saves on shipping since a lot of places ship free to US addresses. We were able to pick up the solar panels in Phoenix and that also saved on shipping. Finally it seemed like we had made all the preparations we were able to and on a cool day in October we set off on our adventure