We have planned to travel when we retire for most of our married life. I'm Peter, used to be a counsellor, married to Joan who used to work with autistic kids. We've been married for 27 years and we retired in 2015. We didn't really plan to retire it just sorta happened. We had spent a lot of time camping ever since getting together and usually our month long summer trips were the high point of the year so it made sense to extend those trips when we were no longer working. We put the house up for rent, bought a truck and trailer and headed out. Now its 6 months later and I've had a bit of time to reflect on what this all means for me. Its a big transition. I worked or went to school ever since I was 17, I've been unemployed for a total of one month during the last 47 years and now I have nothing to do, no pressing reason to get out of bed if I don't want to. This is not a vacation, I'm not going home after this trip - this is now my life. We were in Tucson when this really hit home. Normally I want to go visit the sights, see neat things, but boondocking in Tucson we really didn't make the effort to go visit any of the parks in the area or visit an old mission that looked interesting. My thought was - Maybe next year. There is no hurry anymore. I don't have to cram experiences into every day so they can last me the rest of the year. I am sitting and watching the world go by a lot more and finding wonders right in front of me. An osprey feeding each morning when we were camped at the lake. A hummingbird feeding and then chasing all the other birds that want to use the feeder. Its a rich life, just not a very spectacular one. We also have to live day to day. There are chores, meals to cook, shopping, laundry, cleaning. Repairs now and then. A lot less than when we had a huge house but still some things have to be taken care of. Its not a stress free life. I still worry about our house - is it being taken care of, can I trust the rental company, what happens at the end of the lease - that kind of stuff. There is also the worry of finding a place to stay, driving this monster around, not running out of power, water or propane. Not as stressful as dealing with clients and city traffic and a slew of utility payments and a mortgage though. I find I'm less worried about the news and politics and such. more interested in the weather and the Internet connection. I don't miss many things about our old life. Friends manly, the hot tub, cable Internet -not a very long list really. The things I love about our new life - being outdoors much more often, sunsets and sunrises, the wonders of the desert, new friends, birds and wildlife. I cant imagine doing this for the next 15 years, I cant imagine doing anything else.